Splatterhouse Massacre 2, Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Cover

Splatterhouse Massacre 2, Sloppy Seconds is the second compilation released by Splatterhouse Wreckords. This album is the sloppy seconds ravenous fans of great music have been waiting for. 13 sinister singles perfect for any party, just don’t get too drunk to fuck.



  1. “The Quass/Dying Degree” – Original by NOFX, preformed by South 11th
  2. “You May Be Drunk” – Original by Billy Joel, preformed by The Assasinators
  3. “Eat Me” – Original by The Spades, preformed by Sok & The Faggots
  4. “Too Drunk To Fuck” – Original by Dead Kennedys, preformed by Avery Wolves
  5. “Ballad of Frankenstein’s Monster” – Original by 12 Step Rebels, preformed by Koffin Kats
  6. “Hollywood Babylon” – Original by Misfits, preformed by The Blackrats
  7. “Oh Bondage Up Yours” – Original by X-Ray Spex, preformed by The Kamikaze Queens
  8. “Last Caress” – Original by Misfits, Preformed by Hot Roddin’ Romeos
  9. “I Got It” – Original by Lil’ Richard, Preformed by the Tremors
  10. “Vampires Cures” – Original by Koffin Kats, Preformed by 12 Step Rebels
  11. “I Fought The Law” – Original by the Crickets, Preformed by Motorbilly
  12. “Lil’ Sista” – Original by Elvis Presley, Preformed by Noa Rocka Rolla
  13. “My Hurtin’ Will Be Done” – Original by Ray Lawrence Jr., Preformed by DogBite Harris
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