Hot Roddin’ Romeos – “Russian Roulette”




Russian Roulette has already been deemed as a Hot Rodder’s Favorite! This is the Hot Roddin’ Romeos 1st full length record, which already has gained popularity and rave reviews! Roulette combines elements of Hot Rod Rock, Rock, Rockabilly, and Country! This album has made it’s way from Seattle Washington to Europe! A must have with tracks including: Russian Roulette, Trailer Trash Whore, Hollow Body Guitar, and Devil’s T- Bucket!



  1. Wishin You Were Gone
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. My Baby Left Me “Cause I Didn’t Have No Hot Rod”
  4. Diamond Ring
  5. Trailer Trash Whore
  6. Ralphy The Wolf (2011 Version)
  7. Romeo Is Always King
  8. Walk Of Shame
  9. Rockin’ Space Cadet
  10. Six Inch Heels And Dynamite (2011 Version)
  11. Kittens A Tiger
  12. Hollow Body Guitar
  13. Devil’s T-Bucket
Price: $10.00
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