Back Alley Barbers – “Memento Mori”


Memento Mori takes a decent into the soul of the Barbers, meanwhile still touching on the horrifying underbelly of their mystique. Songs like Joyride take you through a curious love song from the eyes of a kidnapper. While Among the Crowd is dedicated to the Barbers Fan’s and what their support means to them. In this album the Barbers truly wanted to bring to life a collection of songs derived from sacrifices made while on their musical journey, and the people who have helped along the way.

Release Date 8/10/14


1. Rapunzel
2. Psychos
3. Mrs. Turner
4. Lips Like Venom
5. Among The Crowd
6. Joy Ride
7. Between The Lines
8. Match Made In Hell
9. Burn It Down
10. House Of The Rising Sun

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