With a penchant for watching shows like The Twilight Zone, Creepshow, and Elvira’s Movie Macabre and her Morbid fascination for all things dark and obscure, Barbarann is a perfect fit here at Splatterhouse Wreckords as a Splatter Girl. Throw in her love for music and it makes you wonder what took us so long to find her! I’m guessing it wont take you that long to find her though. All you have to do is show up at one of our events. There you will either find her at our merch booth selling product and signing autographs or you will find her up front in the pit. When Barbarann is not spreading the love to Splatterhouse fans you can enjoy her work as the music editor for the magazine Scream Sirens. You can also taste her creativeness buy purchasing a sculpted masterpiece from her business Cake Rhapsody. She started the company back in 2009 and since then has turned cake baking into an art form!


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