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The Load Levelers


Load Levelers, established in 1998, and currently kickin’ ass. This band has seen many lineup changes and endured many trials and tribulations collectively as well as individually.The hardest working and longest running combo of the band is definitely the current line up on this new record. Kurt Colfelt guitar and vocals, Johnny Smokes guitar and vocals, Tim “the undertaker” Aynardi bassist, and drummer Noa Mahoney.

This new L.P. is by far their best work yet. The long awaited arrival was well worth it. It features several guest rockers, Jimmy from the dirty birds, Michelle from The roustabouts/corrine rose, Dizzy of sharkchum/zeke/schmidtaholics, and was recorded and engineered by Jack Endino at Soundhouse studio and of course is proudly being released on Splatterhouse Wreckords. This collection of songs plays great at any volume (loud is recommended) from the arrangement to the variety in tones and styles, it never deviates from the old hillbilly punkrock signature sound that is only and truly the Load Levelers.

From Jaurez Mexico to good ol’ Canada this album depicts every moment of rock n roll influenced debauchery these crazy gringos have had something to do with. No fronts, No lies, just honest high performance quality shit.