To steal a line from the great and powerful Lemmy, when asked what kind of music we play I always answer, “MOTORBILLY plays rock and roll.” After two decades of fronting gigging punk bands (I won’t list them), I started MOTORBILLY in 2004. The goal was to roll up everything I ever loved about music into one big rat rod ball of rock and roll. No rules, no genre constraints, anything and everything would be on the table. I started with a metal drummer, Dave McDonald and a very Lemmy-like electric bass player in Brad Fury. Our debut album Hell in a Hot Rod is something I’ll always be proud of but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Too much Motor, not enough Billy.  Eventually Fury went his own way to put together a killer band, Brad Fury’s Dirge. A few misfires later, I landed the right upright bass player, Dirty Dan D’Alessandro. The second album, Rebuilt was much more the MOTORBILLY I had envisioned. In 2012 Dave Mac exited (thanks for all the great years!) and rockabilly legend Bernie Fox joined the band standing behind the drum kit.

MOTORBILLY v.3 is hard at work to deliver a new record before the end of 2013. Our live shows have never been more fun, and we’re having a great time doing what we love to do. MOTORBILLY is maximum rock and roll!!

Dane Taylor, singer/songwriter/guitar hack

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