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Dog Bite Harris


Raw, heartfelt, and uncompromising. Oregon born singer/songwriter, Aaron “Dog Bite” Harris is who he is, does what he does, and no trends, cliques, or flavors of the week will ever change that. Dog Bite’s inspiring DIY ethos have seen him self release 3 albums, tour the United States, and co-host a popular podcast, “Dogwater Radio”, on Shooter Jennings “Outlaw Radio” network. Whether he’s on the road, in the studio, or on the airwaves, you can be sure Dog Bite is giving one hundred percent of his heart and soul to anyone that’s listening, and doing so on his own terms.

Here are some quotes about his music form other artists and people from the industry:

“Dog Bite Harris…a singer, a songwriter, a poet, master of the one liner, and one of the greatest, most loyal friends I’m lucky enough to have in this life.”

Owen Mays

Dogbite Harris is a songwriter and performer that puts fire into his songs and for this reason they are his life and he has lived those songs.

Ray Lawrence JR.

“Dogbite Harris is a true singer/songwriter in this world of played out formulas. His lyrics are real, intense, and pure. He writes songs about what he sees and he performs them with a passion. A must listen for any fan of true country music”

Jashie P. Outlaw Radio Chicago. And moonrunners.com

Dogbite Harris is a badass mutherfucker who sings lullaby’s for the Devil from Hep-Ner Oregon!

Ron E. Rebel from the Shiving Denizens.

True blue; through and through. Songs about everything… Real hurt. Real problems. Real love for the traditional song. Dogbite is one of my friends, and one of my favorite solo singer/songwriters of the genre.

Eric Koenig Walk the Plank Productions

DogBite is definitely one of the real balladeers out there today. living the music he writes and performs. telling the stories of ‘us’… Jack Gibson.. Exodus and Coffin Hunter
Dog Bite Harris takes music and breaks it down to it’s rawest form. 6 strings, a great voice, and song writing that takes the “POP” out of country. He writes and sings about the experiences and feelings of the common folk. There’s no songs about beaches or being a wanna be cowboy in his catalog. Dog Bite writes and sings about how he see’s life and life ain’t always pretty and it ain’t always perfect. His songs put it all on the table and that my friends is what makes real country music!

Blake Clayton ibwip.com

Dog Bite Harris is the kind of singer that doesn’t need to prove hits roots to anyone. He’s a road poet that sings about what we all feel. Great songs from a great guy that everyone can benefit from knowing.

Jayke Orvis The Goddamn Gallows

Dog Bite Harris is raw and real. Country music the way it was meant to be played….

Outlaw Radio Chicago

Dog Bite Harris’s music is invigorating and passionate.. he exemplifies the life of an American song writer trying to make his voice heard in ever indifferent people like Dog Bite Harris are keeping Americana alive in a time when it would otherwise fall into utter obscurity…….

Zac Sawyer The Sawyer Family

Dog Bite sounds like a sexy Steve Earl


Dog Bite’s music will make you wanna take the next rocket ship to Mars. His music is out of this world-good.”

Rachel Brook